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Some new Utah Laws as of May 2015

The firing squad is now an option for inmates who have been sentenced to death.  (I’m not a big fan of the death penalty, though I understand why most Utah residents are and I can surely see that some criminals deserve it.  But this law points out one of the things I... read more

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Bainum Law, PC is located in historic downtown Lehi, Utah in the Old Colonial House building.  While many of my clients are located in this area, I also serve clients in Utah County, Salt Lake County, and throughout the state. My  goal is to provide exceptional legal... read more

Do you have a business license?

If not, you may need to get one.  Keep the following in mind:

  1. If you own a business, you need to be registered with the city in  which the business is located.
  2. If you work out of your house as an  employee for another company, you usually don’t need a license.
  3. If you  have a virtual office in an actual building but do most of you work out of a home office, you’ll need a business license for one location or the  other.  If your home is in a different city than the virtual office, you  may need a license in both places.
  4. In most cities, failure to get a business is a misdemeanor.  I have seen this come up from time to time, and  it appears that a city will usually give you a friendly warning first: “please  get the license so we don’t have to cite you.”  However, I have seen them prosecute people without giving a warning if the business owner is a problem child.

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