The firing squad is now an option for inmates who have been sentenced to death.  (I’m not a big fan of the death penalty, though I understand why most Utah residents are and I can surely see that some criminals deserve it.  But this law points out one of the things I don’t like about the death penalty—someone has to be the on assigned to administer the lethal injections, or several someones have to pull the trigger, and I think that’s too much to ask of them. )

Failure to wear a seat belt is now a primary offense.  (I am notorious for not wearing mine, but I’m going to start.)

Another big ticket item is the new anti-discrimination law for housing.  (I’m sure there will be unforeseen complications from this law that will require some revisions.  My opinion is that if you own a piece of property, or a business, you should be able to decide without restriction who is allowed on your property or the people with whom you do business. )

Here’s a strange one:  a county clerk doesn’t have to issue a same sex marriage license if he doesn’t want to.  As long as there is a clerk in the office who will.

Lots traffic offenses were reduced in severity—from class c misdemeanors to infractions, from class b misdemeanors to class c misdemeanors, etc.  (I wonder at this—will these offenses now  have less an impact on insurance rates?  Will the courts impose lower fines? )

Most first time drug possession charges are now Class A misdemeanors.  This is a huge change.  However, if someone possesses in a drug free zone, the possession can be increased to a Third Degree Felony.  Drug Free Zones have been made smaller, which will make it less frequent for possession charges to be enhanced.

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